examine a human resources issue and apply key concepts

You may select one (1) of the following topics for your written report:- I. Discuss the various recognition programs offered by organizations and explain if all employees want the same type of recognition. II. Describe Executive Compensation and discuss whether or not this type of compensation improve performance and help companies to achieve critical business goals. III. Research and discuss Bill 148, The Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act 2017. IV. Discuss Workplace Violence and the roles of HR and the organization in preventing or reducing workplace violence. V. Research and discuss the agreement reached with some of the provinces and the Federal Liberal Government regarding the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) in June 2016. Note any implications to employers and employees in the province of Ontario. VI. Research and discuss the Liberal government changes announced in 2016 regarding Employment Insurance. VII. Research and discuss Bill 114, Anti-Racism Act, 2017 introduced by the Ontario Liberal government. VIII. Students may research and present on a topic of their choice covered in the first half of the semester, if they are not interested in any of the choices listed above. It is recommended that students discuss the topic with the professor before proceeding with the paper. The paper should be a maximum of 5 (five) pages, double-spaced, using 11 or 12 fonts size, excluding the cover page and bibliography/reference page. You are required to use a variety of research material and resources.

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