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Read Chua’s “Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior” and Sedaris’s “Remembering my Childhood on the Continent of Africa.” And reply below two writing with examples indivijually.

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1. “Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior”

The thesis of “Why Chinese Mothers are Superior” is that while many western parents view a Chinese mothers strategy as abusive and detrimental to a child, these strategies push the child for happiness and success at a young age. While the essay seems to be talking about raising kids, it is really comparing the parenting strategies and overall culture of eastern vs western countries. Chua often compares her husband’s more western views to her own, as well as other peoples reactions to how she raises her kids. However, she provides very little statistical evidence in her essay that could support her claim. Most of her evidence is polls about the opinions of more “Chinese” mothers verses “Western” mothers, as well as how each side reacts to the success/failures of a child. She does give a great example of how pushing your child can bring them happiness, but by explaining all of her choices in the process she starts her enter the territory of verbal and psychological abuse. In fact, there are several sections of the essay where her statements contradict her argument, and she pokes fun at herself and discusses a few of them. While the most obvious is her last paragraph stating the positives of both western and Chinese parenting, the best example I can find is when she discusses her third argument. She states how no child of a Chinese mother would dare say they got a small part in the play and needed to dedicate hours of time to it. Chau immediately follows with how she does in fact love her kids, and believes that western parents have the misconception that Chinese mothers don’t love their kids. This is a great response to her statement as it predicts the counter argument that she must not love her children if she treats them that way. However, there is one counter argument she never accounted for in the whole essay, and it is explicitly obvious in her statement on theater. Her goal is for her children to be success in life and want to work hard and find happiness. However, telling your kid they can’t do something they are interested in is completely contradictory to that idea. Her goals are not her wanting to see happiness in her children for their own strengths, no matter how much she insists it is. She wants to see them succeed at something she wants them to succeed at.

2. Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior compares the difference in how parents treat their children. The author references this as each being a different “parenting model”. It’s not that the article is proving that Chinese mothers are superior, as it also mentions that Chinese mothers do not care about how their children feel about themselves or care about what the child wants. This doesn’t make for a superior parent and contradicts the fact that the author believes that the child is not affected by this way of parenting. To say that a child is not hurt by being called “garbage” is a false statement. The article does provide insight into the method used by Chinese mothers, and an example of her daughter struggling to play a song and later being able to do it provides support that her method of not giving up works. If she followed the method of Western parenting, then there is a chance that the mother would have let her daughter give up right away. The tone of this article is very strong. We know this by the phrasing, descriptive words, and point that is being pushed through. I can feel the aggressiveness in the writing that the author’s children may have felt when it came down to practicing their instruments. The examples were good, but the examples for the Chinese mother were much stronger than the Western mother’s parenting techniques. This makes we lean more towards agreeing with some of the Chinese mother’s methods. This shows me that emphasizing more on one side will direct the audience towards agreeing with the stronger side which could be a hidden agenda. Where a compare and contrast essay should be apples to apples as much as possible. When you are writing from your perspective and opinion, this could be very difficult to do.

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