film analysis using the materials in the course or the textbook

Choose one of the following films: Shawshank Redemption (1994) Time to Kill (1996) Mean Girls (2004) Inside Out (2015) You should be able to find these films online (Shawshank Redemption and Mean Girls are currently on Netflix). View the film you choose at least once. Two viewings may offer an advantage. After reviewing your notes and readings, identify 3 different concepts that seem to apply to the events or actions of individuals depicted in the film. I have provided a list of the concepts that have been covered in class that you will draw from. You must use concepts from at least 2 different categories. For each concept, you should begin by briefly describing the relevant scene. You can assume that your reader has seen the film, so your description does not have to be detailed. Then relate that scene to the concept that you think applies. In what ways does the scene demonstrate the concept? How does the scene connect with the ideas discussed in lecture and the text to the concept you have chosen? Are there any parallels to the cases we have talked about in class or in the text? You should not be doing library research or going to outside sources for this assignment. I would like you to work with the course materials and show that you have thought about them, understand them and can discuss them in the context of the film.

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