film reflection paper on quot waiting for superman quot

  • Write a film reflection paper:

Include a brief summary of the film, major themes or findings related to SOCIOLOGICAL issues and concepts in the film, and your personal reactions to the film.

What did you find interesting? What did you agree/disagree with in the film? Important: make connections from class readings and discussions to the film (include bold words, concepts from the textbook as well as other readings posted, and be sure you use proper reference form:

Use sociological concepts and terms to make your argument. Provide details to support your claims. ORGANIZE your paper: introduction, body, and conclusion according to guidelines described in class.

Remember to CITE your work properly. You should use additional readings/resources not covered in class, but at least 2 should be from class.

Points will be deducted for organization, spelling and grammar, so proofread and edit your final!

Format: 3-5 pages. Minimum 5 citations-3 academic, peer reviewed articles from outside your research.

Typed, Times New Roman Font, double-spaced, Reference List at end (not included in page count).

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