final research 1

Complete Unit 5


A. Download your final research paper and submit it to the DROPBOX section of this course. Label your file “Final Research Paper” and include your name in the file name. Indicate in the COMPLETE section that you have downloaded it and list the title of the file. s


B. Update the Research Schedule Chart from COURSE MATERIALS and put it into the DROPBOX. Label it “Final Research Schedule” and put your name on the file. Indicate in the COMPLETE section that you have downloaded the file. You should have all of the tasks completed before you hand in your final research paper.

Complete II:

A. Proofreading: Punctuation & Mechanics – Re-write each sentence, using correct punctuation and capitalization and re-type into the COMPLETE section of the course. Be careful to proofread for ALL grammar errors!


The vice-president will speak in Topeka Kansas on Thursday October 31 2012.


Eli Manning said the new York giants have enough talent will and energy to win the Super bowl. (This is a direct quote.)


Yellowstone national park is known for it’s wolves bison and elk.


In spite of practicing Lindas handwriting remained poor.


The student union which is run by a students committee can hire nonstudents.


My bosss favorite foods are pizza hamburgers and ben and jerrys ice cream.


The title of the book is the American caesars by john Hamilton betty white and david martin.


A story in the Arizona republic quoted the Secretary of Agriculture saying we are concerned with the development of our farmland. (This is a direct quote.)


Johns computers memory is corrupted he needs to get a new one.


Dont do that unless you want your brother in laws guitar to get out of tune.

B. Jargon, Clichés, and Idioms Proofreading

Review Chapter 35. Re-write the following sentences in the space provided. Make corrections so that you are changing the jargon, clichés or idioms into formal language. Re-type into the COMPLETE section of the course:


This test will be a piece of cake.


You will be up a creek if you don’t study for that test.


The bottom line is that your output does not fit our game plan for the company.


I went bananas when I saw all the corrections she made on my paper.


Stop beating around the bush when you answer me.


It is raining cats and dogs today.


I am on pins and needles about this research paper.


Face the music and knuckle down to study.


I am feeling under the weather today.


We need to see eye to eye about this situation.


I was most engaged in this course when …

Journal Entry: Please answer these questions about this course.


This course could be improved by…


The thing that surprised me about the course is …

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