fixing an essay grammar and context

The main assignment for this article is:

Portraiture / Self-portraiture and the Selfie – 1000 WORDS. Read the essay ‘How to See Yourself’ by Nicholas Mirzoeff. Use the first half of your paper to summarize Mirzoeff’s ideas. You should touch upon issues such as social class and technology (painting vs. photography for example). What do portraits tell us about not only the individual pictured but about the society in which they are made. For the remaining 500 words, still using Mirzoeff’s essay as a guide, write about portraiture and self / portraiture in your own life. For example, what role do family photographs and portraits function in your family? Are they considered ‘sacred’? How do they anchor or introduce storytelling? Additionally, In a broader culturalsense do you think the ‘Selfie’ is a significant indicator of the culture we live in now? How? Overall in your paper, avoid sweeping generalizations. Your goal is to write a thoughtful personal paper. Try to make reasonable assertions anchored by specific images (historical portraits, family portraits, high school portraits, celebrity portraits). If you cannot reproduce them in your paper, describe them in detail. Your paper should do these three things:

  • Summarize the main arguments / ideas in Mirzoeff’s essay
  • Discuss the role of portraiture in your own family’s history
  • Discuss the cultural significance of the ‘Selfie’

1- The writer hit most of the points; however, in the first 2 paragraphs, he used a summery from this website (…). He paraphrased the summery from this website in the first 2 paragraphs, and that can be caught by plarigism checker. Therefore, I need you to rewrite some of the ideas in the these paragraphs and make it impossible to catch by plarigism checker. I highlighted some of the sentences in yellow to make it easy for you to know where should you rewrite. You need to go back to that website and read the ideas I highlighted so you don’t do the same mistakes as the first writer did.

2- there are some comments in the essay I need you to fix.

3- read the NOTES at the end of the paper, under the references, and fix what the notes said.

*** I am attaching the main copy of the assignment and the essay.

If you delivered a good fixed essay that considers all the aspects are mentioned I will absolutely give some bids.

Good luck.

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