follow the instructions 4


you did part one and two to me and part one I got 33 out 33 and part two I got 25 out 33 good luck in this one and do good like part one

Part Three: “Judgment Day”

Answer the questions with complete sentences. You must type the question and the answer. Cite page numbers from The Fires of Jubilee to receive credit. Do not use the comment field. Submit as a word document.

  1. What were Nat Turner’s “plans” for his revolt?
  2. Describe the assault upon the Travis farm.
  3. Who was Will Francis?
  4. Describe what happened at the Whitehead plantation? Who was Margaret Whitehead?
  5. What happened when Nat and his followers arrived at the Nathaniel Francis farm?
  6. Why was Turner unable to march upon New Jerusalem?
  7. What happened to Cherry?
  8. When the smoke cleared, how many had died as a result of the insurrec­ tion? How many slaves had joined Nat in his revolt?
  9. How was Nat able to elude his captors for six weeks and how was he eventually captured?
  10. Does Nat Turner offer an apology for his actions?
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