Discussion – Module 4


Formative and Summative Assessment in Creating, Using, and Managing Learning

This week you read about creating, using, and managing the learning environment and experiences of your learners. In the last module you discovered one of your goals in your Capstone Project is to help your learners gain ownership of their learning through the experiences you design for them. A second goal is to create a balance in the learning environment that ensures students are meeting the goals and curriculum standards set for them. Reflect on how you accomplish these tasks.

In formative assessment, you want to determine if the materials and activities you have created or selected for your course project are effective. In summative assessment, you are trying to determine if the students met the criteria or standards set for them. As you design your Capstone Project, it is important that you build in your formative and summative assessments as authentic activities.

What is the role of ongoing formative and summative assessment in the process of creating, using, and managing the learning process? What are some of the most authentic strategies you have found for these two forms of assessment that do not involve the use of tests?

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