Can you please respond to the answers below with your analysis and thoughts:


A million dollars sounds like a lot to a single person or even family, but when it comes to impacting a whole population, it is just a drop in the bucket. I would use the million dollars on a smaller, local community to decrease death and birth rates. 

To decrease death rates I would set up education programs for healthy living/eating and the importance of exercise and a clean diet. Too many people rely on processed, quick and cheap food regardless of how it affects them internally. This is extremely prevalent in the US, where more than 1/3rd of the Adult population is considered obese. Couple this with lack of knowledge on exercise or what “good food” is and you can expect a huge increase in death rates among the population.

To decrease birth rates I would put money towards easier obtainable contraceptives, whether it be condoms, birth control pills or anything inbetween. I would also have proper sex education. Instead of preaching “stay abstinent, sex is bad!” (this is the gist of what I was taught in school), I would much rather have more informational talks and discussions where at the end, the person that received the lesson could make informed decisions about sex, the use of protection, and whether their partner is on the same page as them or not. I believe if we treat sex not as this “taboo subject” only for adults, but as something everyone in life eventually does, information and smart decision making will be received more than it is currently.


2.) I believe the basis of languages and religions being so bound to culture is that it unites people together to form that culture. In general people are very selfish and individualistic yet we are bonded by the language we speak because we are no longer alone. We are able to converse with many people our thoughts and feelings. Religion doesn’t even require language but a sense of devotion to something greater than oneself. People from different areas of the world all converge in temples and churches without knowing language but are able to express themselves and share a similar culture. I feel as though language and religion gives us a reason to connect and that connection builds a culture.

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