global supply chain strategy case study

Please read the below paper titled “global supply chain adaptations
to improve financial performance” and answer the following questions.

1. Please describe the following theories in the paper

• Contingency theory

• Economic cluster theory

2. What are main aspects and stages of the supply chain adaptation to China?

3. What are the main factors affecting the decisions of each supplier’s entry to China?


–Summary of a case (10%), case analysis (50%), and suggestions (40%) for the

issues/problems should be included. The suggestions should include answers to the

questions listed at the end of cases.

–A report consists of a title page (include case title and names of the students), introduction

(case summary), case analysis, and suggestions (or answers to questions). Format your

report with double space and Times New Roman 12 (font size). Follow APA style guide

for writing.

–Minimum 4 pages and maximum 6 pages including the title page for each case report.

You are encouraged to find other references for the project as well, but use my paper as your main reference.

Please upload the MS Word file of your report.

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