globalization amp economic growth

Globalization & Economic Growth

  1. What is globalization? How is the process of globalization driven? Is Globalization new? Provide reasons for your answers. (Hint: read
  2. What is the relationship between economic growth and barriers to international trade? Name a few countries to compare and contrast this issue. (Hint: read chapter 2).
  3. Would the US become a third world country because of the way things are going? Yes/No? Explain.
  4. The automaker BMW, whose corporate headquarters is in Germany, makes its X-series sport utility vehicles in South Carolina, and sells many of them in China. Who is outsourcing what to whom? Explain.
  5. If capitalism is so good in creating economic prosperity, why don’t more nations try it?
  6. We are a group of 9 people going to Haiti in June to learn how we can help people in a poor country. Could you suggest how and what we can do as a small group to help lift people out of poverty? Support your explanation with example(s).
  7. Which of the following possible in-kind transfers do you think raises the “true” incomes of recipients the most: a. free golf lessons, b. free transportation on public buses, or c. free food? Why?

*Required Readings:

Text Book: Miller, Roger LeRoy & Benjamin, Daniel K (2018). The Economics of MACRO ISSUES, 8th edition, Pearson. ISBN-13: 978-0134531991, ISBN-10: 013453199X

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