gun control question essay 3 4 pages

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check pdf for the full instructions. use reliable sources.

Basics: 3 to 4 pages, double spaced, 12 point font, minimum 4 sources, Works Cited page, proper MLA citation.

Overall: For this assignment, your goal is to analyze a problem, both the causes and effects of that issue. A good choice for your problem will be one that does not have an easy solution, with genuine valid points on each side. Your goal in this paper is not to provide an argument in favor of a solution (that’s the next assignment), but to analyze the different approaches that exist for your problem. You’ll end your paper by discussing the largest impediments to any possible solution.
Remember, you should also try to focus on a more specific issue within a broader problem. So, as in the example we discussed in class, if the problem you chose was gun control, you might narrow that down to the more specific issue of school shootings. You would look at the conservative and liberal positions on the causes of school shootings, then at the effects. You would then analyze the strengths and weaknesses of both positions. Finally, you would discuss the main roadblocks to a potential solution, such as political gridlock or a division in public opinion.
Intro: You should open your paper with a vivid illustration of your problem to grab the reader’s attention. You should then indicate the general scope of the problem, how urgent and/or widespread it is, any basic facts the reader should know. Remember to end with a thesis that clearly states the specific area within that larger problem that you will be analyzing.

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