hands on activity5b dns request and dns response


This activity will help you see how your computer sends a DNS request for a Web site you never visited, before it can create an HTTP request packet to display the Web site on your browser. We will use WireShark for this activity.


must use your own computer at home to complete this assignment.



1. In your command prompt, type the command – ipconfig /all – to find your computer’s IP address and DNS Server. Write these information down.

2. Go back to your command prompt and type – ipconfig/flushdns . This command will empty your DNS cache,

3. Launch your WireShark and enter/type – ip.addr==xxxx.xxxx.xxxx.xxxx (use your computer’s IP address that you obtained in step 1) in the Filter to capture packets sent and received by your computer only. Look at Figure 5-25, p. 157, to see the Filter box.

Take a snap shot of this screen. Open a new WORD document. Copy/paste this screen shot to the document.

4. Start packet capture in WireShark.

5. Open a browser and visit www.ietf.org

6. Stop packet capture after the Web page is loaded. Take a snap shot of this screen, and copy/paste in the same WORD document created in step 3. This screen shot should be similar, but not identical, to Figure 5-23 on page 157. Remember each computer has its own unique setting.

7. Write a short essay (3 – 4 paragraphs) describing your project results and explain the contents of your screen captures. Answer the 3 questions in the Deliverables, page 157. The 2 screen shots and answers to these questions are important subsets of this project.

8. Upload your WORD document in Blackboard using the submit link below.


This assignment is worth 50 points and will be graded for completeness and accuracy. I will look for 2 screen captures and answers to the 3 questions on the Deliverables, page 157. I will look for 3-4 paragraphs which describe your project results.

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