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write one for me and one for my friend

Use the writing prompt and questions below to foster your conversation about drinking and responsibility. Remember you don’t just directly answer the questions but use them to fuel your discussion. You must post your original response by Thursday to receive full points for timeliness and your replies to two classmate by the due date.

Discuss your opinions about the responsibilities that a host or hostess has for guests when serving alcohol. What are the legal implications if one of your guests has an automobile accident after leaving your party? Should a guest have a drinking responsibility to the host? Do you believe that there are different legal implications for bartenders who serve too much alcohol to a customer who then has an auto accident?

1 believe that If a person has a party, he or she is responsible for every person at that party. Most bartenders see that the guests had too many drinks and can’t do much about it. Even though there could be several people going in and out, there should be a few people to look out for others to ensure their safety. If a bar wants to have more of an eco-safe workplace there should be a way that a drunk guest has a ride home. If there was a partnership with uber, or lyft for drunk guests that would eliminate several automobile accidents after a party. Regarding legal implications, I don’t think there should be any for the bartenders due to the fact that the staff could be short or the party could be crowded.

TaR 2In my opinion the responsibility that the host/hostess has a is hard one. Because when its your job to serve drinks thats just what you have to do. I do believe that if someone is clearly extremely intoxicated that you no longer serve that person anymore drinks for their own ssafety. Host/hostess can even call a cab for the drunkards. However, When they serve liquor they are serving to someone that is 21 years of age and older, so therefore, he/she is in charge of themselves. I don’t believe that there are legal implication for those that enter a car accident once they leave the party.

3When hosting a party that is providing alcohol, a host or hostess should provide alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks so guests are not forced to drink only alcohol. They should also have an alcohol drink limit, this can also reduce the host/hostess cost of creating the party. An alcoholic beverage limit can also prevent people from being very intoxicated. In addition, I do not think there should be any legal implications if a guest gets into a car accident after leaving the party. On the other hand, if someone, including the host/hostess, sees that person getting into the car intoxicated and does not make the ethical decision to give that person a ride, legal actions should be taken placed. Since the host/hostess will have a drink limit, creating legal implication for the bartender would be foolish, plus it is only their job. All in all, a host/hostess and their guest have a responsibility when attending a party and everybody should make their own decisions

4As a host for a party at my house, I do not feel comfortable giving anybody alcohol; even if they are twenty-one or older because I would be upset if anybody got into a car accident once they left my house. I definenlty would not give alcohol to people who are under twenty-one because I would be reliable if they were to get into an accident once they left my house. According to Jose A. Alvarez, five penalties for me giving alcohol to minors include a citation and arrested, a fine for $1,000 or more, sentenced to jail for at least six months, and billed for law enforcement services. I believe the guest has a drinking responsibility to the host. If the host does not feel comfortable giving the guest a drink, then the guest should not pressure the host into giving them a drink. I do believe there are different legal implications for bartenders who serve too much alcohol to a consumer and causes the consumer to get into a car accident.

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