help with code in c

1. Write a C program which will invoke the command processor to execute a command.

Expected Output :

Is command processor available?                                         _x000D_
Command processor available!                                            _x000D_
Executing command DIR                                                   _x000D_
00c40280-5e27-11e6-bd4f-71e8825f8ea3                                    _x000D_
01691610-41e1-11e6-901d-35b72ececc72                                    _x000D_
ff827330-443a-11e6-9820-23e2f60d924e                                    _x000D_
file.txt                                                                _x000D_
logging_example.out                                                     _x000D_
test.txt                                                                _x000D_
Returned value is: 0.

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