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What happens when we have information, but decline to use it?

1. Explain the nature of Gingrich’s disagreement with the CNN reporter. What is it they are disagreeing about? Why? Gingrich says he will base policy on how his constituents feel. Is he right to do so? Explain how you know, and offer an example (real or hypothetical) of this kind of debate. Something from school, family, or work would be fine.

This has the potential to be a heated discussion, but it is an important one. Please remember to be polite and professional in your tone, and reread what you have written before posting to be sure you are focusing on your argument and not another student. Feel free to post links to other articles, videos, and resources that support your position.

(Everyone answers #1, then you can choose either #2 or #3)

2. Using at least one quote from the Keohane article in the Boston Globe, explain: Have you changed your mind about something that you believed fairly passionately about during the last five years? If so, what do you think affected your conversion?


3. Using at least one reference to the Keohane article, explain whether there been opinions that you refuse to relinquish regardless of the preponderance of factual evidence against them? Why do you think that is?

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