Hereditary Spherocytosis

APA Style Paper 

1-page Abstract 

Topic: Genetic tests have improved the prevalence of Hereditary Spherocytosis.

Hypothesis: 2 – 3 pages 

– Comparing two different studies that compares countries with high vs low prevalence with the genetic disease of hereditary spherocytosis. (Example: European countries vs Asian or North American countries) 

Results: Make a statement 1-2 pages 

– Tell how the two studies used statistics to prove an improvement in helping people who are getting genetic disease. 

– Talk about the mechanism of action.

Conclusion : 2-3 pages 

– Restate the results 

– Why is the 2 types of research important?

– How the disease is being controlled. Any increase in patients getting better. 

– Limitations of the study. (No study is perfect)

– New researching on the field of hereditary Spherocytosis. 

Argument ( End of Paper) 1 Paragraph 

– If research would of being found out earlier for newborns the genetic disease can have a better outcome.


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