hi i need someone to write film review for o pioneers

To complete Film Review #2, look over your Film Worksheet #2(handed out in class) notes that you took while watching the two new clips online. Think about what you saw in each of the film clips. Think about what surprised you based on what you expected when you were reading.

Then, write one paragraph comparing and contrasting what you saw in the dramatic film screenplay with what you imagined in your mind while reading the written novel. Why do you think the writers of the screenplay chose to make the changes they did? Make it clear which medium you preferred at the end.

You can write the paragraph directly online, write it in a word document and then copy/paste or attach a pdf or rtf file.

To get started, look at the dark blue button above this box on the right. It says “Submit Assignment.” Click on it. Then you will see three choices “File Upload” “Text Entry” or “Google Drive.” If you want to upload a pdf or rtf file, then click “Browse”, find it on your computer and attach it. When you are done hit the blue “Submit Assignment” button below it. All finished. If you’d rather type it in directly, click on “Text Entry” and a box will open that looks like a word document. Type it up and click “Submit Assignment” below it and you’re done. *If you use Google Drive, you can also click on that option.

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