hotel chest scrapbook career search assignment

Treasure Chest Scrapbook Career Search Assignment – Part 2

  1. Surf the Internet sites choosing the sites that most interests you for career information for your ideal job
  2. Using Microsoft Word, copy any text you want by dragging across the words then using the Edit – Copy command on the menu bar. You should provide proper citations at the bottom of your project page about where you found the pieces of copy. Be sure to follow proper College APA Format for your footnotes.
  3. Save images you like by downloading them (Note: check with the authors of the page to see if any copyright rules apply. Usually students are allowed to download images that will only be used in the classroom. A good practice to get into is to use the email link on the page that has an image you want and contact the site administrator to ask permission. You might be surprised at the response you get.) To download an image from the internet you can usually right click on it with your mouse and then save-as to a file on your computer. This does not work if the image is protected on some websites.
  4. Paste the images you’ve downloaded into your word document to make your research scrapbook. You may need to adjust text wrapping feature to make your copy flow around your images as desired.
  5. Once you have created your research scrapbook, go over it carefully so that you can give clear and thoughtful reasons why you found the things you collected especially important relating to planning your career.

6. Finally you will save your work and place it all into a Word document and submit by email to me as Treasure


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