i have an introduction need an outline

here is the introduction I just need help to do the outline and fix or add more information to the introduction.

World Trade Organization (WTO) Dispute 457 was brought forth on April 12, 2013 when Guatemala filed a complaint against Peru for their imposition of additional duties on certain agricultural products. Guatemala claimed that Peru violated Article 19 of the Agreement on Agriculture, Article 19 of the Agreement on Implementation of Article VII of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT 1994, Customs Valuation Agreement), and Article XXIII of the GATT 1994. Guatemala’s description of the measure indicates that it has been in place since 2001; it consisted of a variable levy that is imposed in addition to the ordinary customs duty; and it affects agricultural products such as milk, corn, maize, and sugar.

Peru used a Price Range System (PRS) to determine floor and ceiling prices, as well as international average market prices for certain agricultural products. Using the PRS, Peru determined whether a levy or tariff rebate would be imposed on or disbursed to an importing country. This would depend on whether the international average price was below the floor price or above the ceiling price. The variability in the PRS, and therefore the levies, exists because of constant fluctuations in floor, ceiling, and international average prices. Floor and ceiling prices changed every six months while the international reference prices changed every 15 days. Peru argues that these levies lacked transparency and predictability, and that they “impede the transmission of international price developments.” (WTO).

In the end, the WTO Panel found that Peru was in violation of provisions in the Agreement on Agriculture and the GATT 1994. The Panel recommended that Peru bring the duties resulting from the PRS into conformity with the aforementioned provisions, although they did not recommend that Peru dismantle the entire system. This paper shall examine the proceedings of WTO 457, each country’s arguments, and the WTO’s rulings in further detail.

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