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Assignment 4: Technical Object Description

ENGL2338: Technical Writing Department of English University of Texas at Arlington

Assignment Overview This assignment asks that you select a technical object and write a description of its looks, features, and functions. In completing this assignment, you will learn how to define and describe a technical object to someone who has little knowledge with it.

Assignment Guidelines Begin by reviewing Gurak & Lannon, Chapter 12: Descriptions. You will choose your own topic for this assignment. However, the subject of your description should be a technical object (e.g., fitness tracker, flash drive, wrench, clock radio, calculator, smart phone, game console, stapler, etc.). Because you must accurately describe an object in at least 500 words, do not pick something too simple (such as a paper clip). Choose a topic that is complex and manageable. Once you have identified a technical object, research it. Take time to learn about what the parts are called and how they work. This might require you to read background information or otherwise inform yourself about the topic.

Audience and Content Your primary audience would be someone who has little experience with the object that you are describing.

Regardless of the object, your final paper should be at least 500 words; you must include all of the following contents in your description: • Introduction. • Orient your audience by providing a one-sentence definition of the object. • Preview its various parts. • Discuss its uses and functions. • Preview the content of your description. • Detailed Description of the Object. • Describe each part of the object in detail, including its dimensions, materials, principle(s) of operation, function, and relation to other parts. • Use the present tense. • When introducing a new concept or terminology, make sure to explain it for a non-technical audience. • Conclusion. • Re-state the major use(s) and function(s) of the object to solicit the audience’s support or awareness.

Document Design and Illustrations Give careful thought to illustrations and design elements: • Use headings and sub-headings throughout the document. Mark the introduction, body, and conclusion of your document with headings; and use sub-headings to indicate the beginning of each part/component of the object you are describing. Do not just throw large chunks of text together without clearly identifying each part. See pages 77-79 on producing an understandable structure, a key component in producing a well-designed document. • Single-space the text. • You must include at least two illustrations. You may create your own, use illustrations from other sources, or adapt illustrations from other sources. Make sure you provide source information for all illustrations immediately below each illustration. (For example, for any photos you took: “Source: photo by author.” For any illustrations from other sources: “Source: web site (or other resource listed here).” Label all illustrations (what is the reader looking at?) even if it seems obvious to you. • Apply as many of the four basic design principles as possible (Contrast, Repetition, Alignment, Proximity) to enhance the reader’s orientation and understanding of the document. • Design your document for consistency (grid patterns, margins, justification, white space, indentation, font style and size). See pages 132-140. • Design your document for navigation and emphasis (headings, color, shading, boldface, italic, and underlining, bulleted and numbered lists). See pages 140-145. • Follow the tips for illustrating documents presented in Chapter 7. • In addition to following all the instructions regarding assignment 4, please pay special attention to “Document Design” when completing assignment 4. Like your “Instructions” document, your Technical Object Description should reflect your attention to “audience” in both content and design. In addition to reading Chapter 12 on “Descriptions,” review Chapter 7 on using visuals and Chapter 8 (pgs. 132-146) on designing user- friendly documents. Remember that well-designed documents not only provide the reader with useful, accurate information, they also help the reader better grasp and retain the information. • Also, don’t forget you are not writing a “commercial” for a particular object; you are writing an objective, detailed description of the object

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