i need a philosophy paper written

1. Explain what Kierkegaard means by “Give me a reason for which I can live and die.”

2. Kierkegaard was a fan of the subjectivity of knowledge (somewhat kin to the relativism of Protagoras, but not quite that). In our world where Science and Technology are shoved in our faces daily as THE answer to all of life’s ills, what might Kierkegaard have to say about such confidence in these two human-determined endeavors?

3. In what way did Kierkegaard anticipate the post-modernist movement (defined by suspicion of authority and objective truth)? Clue: Kierkegaard preferred subjectivity (read this in light of the rally cry of science to be “unbiased”).

Compare and contrast your friends’ responses to your own beliefs about the stage you are presently in; be sure to respond thoughtfully and refer to Kierkegaard’s theories.

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