i need help with the following discussion questions please

Attached is chapter 3 for Discussion question reference. Also attached is the resume and sample letter being used for the new hire acceptance letter. The only part of that assignment I need is 100 words on the time off portion the rest does not pertain to me.

Week 3 Discussion questions HRM/300

  • In your opinion, what are some of the traits and behaviors an employee should possess if employee engagement is important for high performance? Which of the recruiting methods discussed in Chapter 3 of the text do you think would work best for this type of position?
  • What are some of the reasons organizations utilize employment agencies to help them recruit qualified job candidates?
  • Why do the five steps of the recruitment process require input from other parts of the organization?
  • (A) Testing and selecting employees: Why is criteria development an important part of the selection process?
  • (B) What are some of the ethical and legal considerations in testing?
  • What is a job analysis? How does job analysis provide information useful in recruitment and selection?
  • Create a 525- to 700-word new hire acceptance letter to send to the candidate.1. Please find attached the resume being used to create this letter. The only part I need for this assignment is the 100-150 words created for the time off portion of the letter. Also attached is a sample letter template we are using. Again I am only to discuss time off you can disregard the rest of the assignment.

  • Outline the following in your letter:
  • Introduction/welcome
  • Title, annualized pay, start date, and time
  • Working hours
  • Benefits summary and start dates of benefits
  • Time off
  • At will statement
  • Closing
  • Signature of new hire
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