i want you to explain the quote i will send to you

The book name is The Mindset By Carol Dweck

we are writing a essay about the growth mindset and the fix mindset

all i want is that i will send you the quote and i want you to explain the quote only

for each paragraph i have 3 quotes and i want you to exlpain them

total i have 9 quotes

Quotes paragraph 1

don’t blame another

“The growth mindset allowed me to give up the blame and move on ” (161).

Dont believe in revenge

“It was about understanding, forgiving another and moving on”(148).

Listen from mistake

“Growth mindset they did not fell permanently branded because of it , they tried to learn something useful about themselves and relationship”(149).

Quotes Paragraph 2

constructive criticism

” constructive mean helping the child to fix something ,build a better product , or do a better job”.(158)

learning from mistake

” Growth mindset they did not feel permanently branded . Because of it, they tried to learn something useful about them selves and relationship, something they could use toward having a better experience in the future”(149).

Build confidence

“we want you to know that we are not evaluation.we care about your learning ,and we know that you’ve learned your stuff. we’re proud that you’ve stuck to it and kept learning” (183).

Paragraph 3


“with the love of her friends and relatives and begin the healing process”(150).

Reassure each other

friend can reassure each other of their fine qualities “(164).

you give friends wisdom and courage

“Friends can give each other the wisdom and courage to make growth -enhancing decision and friends can reassure each other of their fine qualities”(163)

the words in the dark means it is the meaning of the quote

so again each quote i want you to write one to two sentence that explain the quote

however i want you to write me a good thesis about the book in 3 to 4 sentences

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