individual report developing an evidence base for your recommendations on aurecon singapore

Weight: 30%

Length: Maximum 2,500 words


Purpose of the assignment:

This assignment is designed to get you to think more deeply about how you might solve the management challenge and why your chosen approach is/is not the “best way.” The main focus is on you discovering the latest management thinking to help you determine cutting-edge solutions.

Requirements for the assignment:

  • Re-state the problem in the context of your chosen management perspective as a research question.
    • You should do some research on ‘how best to formulate a research question.’
  • Undertake a literature review of contemporary management literature that will help you to better understand the nature of the management challenge, how theory can inform a solution and what (if anything) has been tried before to solve this kind of problem (e.g. Has this challenge occurred before? Maybe in another industry? Has it been solved?)
  • Continue to conduct industry and company research involving critically analysing and synthesising business information. (CLO3)
    • Your information should be both broad and deep. Once you have collected the information, you have to critically analyse it.
  • Identify and select appropriate tools, models and theories that will help you to understand the problem through the lens you have chosen. (lecturer mentioned to use VUCA, dynamic capabilities, 7S framework)
    • These should be from scholarly sources.
  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of the tools, models and theories you’ve selected. Suggest alternative methods to eliminate weaknesses.
    • Again, rely on scholarly sources.
  • Write a report justifying why your research approach to solving the management challenge should be adopted.
    • Use a report format

This is the part 2 of this assignment, i’ve attached part 1 answer that another tutor previously provided but i’m not so sure if it’s a good job. the purpose of part 1 assignment is this : to identify and analyse the contextual elements that contribute to the challenge that the partner organisation faces. You are to present your work in a business report format. This involves undertaking and external and internal analysis of the organisation and making predictions about the future. so part 2 is to work on the requirement mention above with regards to part 1. but if you feel part 1 is totally on wrong approach, you may start a new work.

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