information technology 47

I have struggle with the questions.

1- Technological Solution to alleviate issues: (I want the crime and traffic to have each topic should paragraph.)


-More police patrolling

-Call buttons all over not only campus


-Online traffic alerts

-Everyone has to use EZ Pass

-No cash lanes

-Alerts on Accidents

From 2 to 6 just follow the questions so I need the MLA to include them.

2- What is a supplicant and briefly describe the 4 forms of authentication to consider (what a supplicant knows, has, is and produces)?

3- What are the reasons that VPN technology has become the dominant method for remote workers to connect to the organizational network? Comment on two other students’ postings under this thread.

4- How does a false positive alarm differ from a false negative one? From a security perspective, which is least desirable? Give an example of why these alarms would occur.

5- What is network footprinting? What is network fingerprinting? How are they related?

6- Will biometrics involve encryption? How are biometric technologies dependent on the use of cryptography?

Can you please work them for me ?

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