I have finished a paper which is about talking about after watching 4 videos to discuss implementation and communication.(My paper is attached below)

        ( 4 videos




Someone responsed me like this:

Very well put, success of change has great deal to do with the how communication is done. The communication needs to address the reason to change and concerns of employees (Elving 2005). It is important that the communication is two-way. By allowing employees to ask questions, address concerns, and eases uncertainty. Affect communication can eliminate or reduce resistance. Empathy communicates understanding of employees concerns creating some comfort for employees. Communication or empathy should not be taken lightly or ignored as it could make or break implementation plan for change.

I wanted to also acknowledge your point how the communication is received. Understanding of language for the different age groups and cultures helps in assuring message is received as intended. The delivery of message goes a long way in receiving buy-in or rejection.


Elving, Wim. May 2005. The role of communication in organisational change. Corporate

Communication An International Journal 10(2):129-138. Retrieved from:


Please use about 150 words to answer this person’s response

This is from Ldrship of Innovation N Change class, and the related Chapters of the textbook are attached below.

The textbook information is :

 Palmer, I., Dunford, R. & Buchanan, D. A. (2017). Managing Organizational Change (Third Ed.)  Boston: McGraw- Hill Irwin.  This is NOT a looseleaf or custom text.


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