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In a minimum of 150 words or more is requested for one of the chosen questions, and a response of 75 words or more is requested for the other question. Be sure to label each question

On a separate sheet write two generic responses to any one of the questions in a minimum of 75

  • What are some issues you have on your campus that you would like to research? What are some in your school district? What difficulties do you anticipate with conducting research on each issue? What benefits to you anticipate resulting from conducting such research?
  • Read the attached article: Beech, G. (2014). Researching the teaching context: Faithful practice. Journal of the International Christian Community for Teacher Education, 9(1). Retrieved from (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. State a purpose of research as a Christian researcher in the Biblical framework.
  • Listen to the video Quantitative vs. Qualitative Research by Chris Flipp shown in the Activities section for the week. What are three differences between quantitative and qualitative research? What else do you think? The link is

Chapters for the textbook have been attached as well as article. Please be sure to utilize APA format

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