international luxury brand paper

I am doing a Luxury Brand Paper, focus on the Brand Reflection of Van Cleef & Arpele.

a. Survey U.S. friends, family, colleagues about the typical U.S. customer that comes to mind who owns brand. (I already collected survey response from 41 persons. The results is attached.)

*Some questions are not related to the Brand Reflection, you do not need to use every question and data in the paper, and please add the graph of result in the paper as possible.

b. Brand Reflection: Report Results – alignment and/or variances between consumer perceptions of the typical U.S. consumer

From the book, the definition of Brand Reflection is: “The brand’s reflection describes the typical customer the market associates with the brand (the customer it imagines for it). This is not to be confused with the target customer: Kapferer is referring here to the market’s perception.”

Write a around 5 page paper about the Brand Reflection of Van Cleef & Arpele.

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