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Argument Essay

Argument Essay

Mary Cudahy

Page Length: 4-5 pages

Making an Argument

For this essay, you will need to create a reasoned argument about a challenging issue that is relevant to many people. When you write an argument essay, you are creating a focused presentation of an issue and taking a clear position on it. In order to be effective in your argument, you need to explore the issue through research online, so that you can uncover support and counterarguments. You need to be bold in an argument essay, but remember that you are not writing an opinion piece. An opinion is by its nature not reasonable—in contrast, what you are writing should make your opponent respect you, even if he/she does not agree with you. You are taking into consideration both sides of the issue without any bigotry or falsification.

Your essay must contain the following sections:

  1. Introductory paragraph that either gives background to your subject or states your thesis.
  2. A thesis embedded in the first or second paragraph. The classical position for a thesis is the last sentence of the first paragraph. As you probably learned from several of the models we read in class, in practice, writers place their thesis statements in a variety of positions.
  3. At least one colorful example of the consequences that might result if your position is not respected—i.e., something that shows your passion for your position. If you were arguing for abortion rights, your example could be an illustration of the tragic outcome of back-alley abortion, since you would be claiming that abortion will happen no matter what.
  4. Counterargument that shows your concession to the other position.
  5. Three reasons with support (when you use support, you need to use MLA citation style and incorporate your evidence just as you did in the last essay.)
  6. A conclusion

IDEAS for argument paper. You can argue either side.

  1. Pornographic material should be banned.
  2. Television ads serve useful purposes for society.
  3. Music recordings should be labeled if the lyrics are explicit.
  4. Professional athletes have no place in the Olympics.
  5. Terminally ill people should have the right to choose to die.
  6. Private cars should be restricted in cities.
  7. Experimentation on animals should be restricted.
  8. Smoking should be banned everywhere.
  9. Students who cheat in any way should be expelled.
  10. College athletics should not be funded as strongly as academics.
  11. College textbooks should be bought by the school and loaned to students.
  12. Corporate executives are overpaid.
  13. Adopted children should have access to their birth parents.
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