investo case

Click the link to access the Investo Case.

Investo Case

Prepare an analysis of the Investo case. Read the case carefully and make sure you understand the nature of the investment that MFS is analyzing. Use the spreadsheet model provided with Exhibits 1 and 2 of the case as a starting point for valuing and analyzing the proposed project and to conduct the analysis called for in the questions at the end of the case.

Note that there is only one proposed investment here; MFS can pay $10.5 million to Investo in exchange for 30 percent of the value of Investo’s manufacturing plus the marketing rights. Prepare a report with a maximum of two pages of text (typed, double-spaced, 12-point font, one-inch margins) plus any relevant supporting exhibits. The case exhibits are provided in spreadsheet format. Structure your report as a business memo, and use the questions at the end of the case as a guide of what to cover. Write clearly, using proper grammar and punctuation. You will want to use an Excel spreadsheet to do the analysis for this assignment, but any exhibits should be produced in MS Word. You should upload only one Word file containing the text of your report plus exhibits. Once you have submitted your report, complete the discussion part of the assignment.

Click the link to access the Excel Spreadsheet for the Investo Case.

Investo Spreadsheet

Submit your report in MS Word format via the Turnitin drop box found within the Assignments area

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