it s a discussion board response respond to the two posts my university is based on christian morals so i usually place in a bible verse for what suits what i wrote on include a bible verse

it’s a discussion board response. Respond to the two posts

My university is based on Christian morals. so i usually place in a bible verse for what suits what I wrote on. Include a bible verse

busi 464 – only what is in bold needs to be completed

Thread: While researching the Asian RTAs, you will note that they have a number of features that are quite different from RTAs in other regions. List the 4 different aspects noted in the assigned reading and then provide 2 specific examples of how those different aspects are displayed within the nations associated with them. For example, when considering the different visions for how the RTA should operate, China and Japan do not agree with each other as it relates to the United States’ involvement in a region-wide RTA.As you discover the different features of Asian RTAs, research the different beliefs of 2 Christian denominations and discuss 1 issue that they differ on (e.g. their view on the Trinity, premillennialism, eternal security, etc.).

Reply: Post a substantive written response to 2 other classmates’ threads. Your response must identify specific weakness(es) as well as note the strengths of the post. By identifying a weakness (content based, not a spelling/grammatical aspect), you display the critical thinking skills required in a graduate course. Refrain from making statements like “I really couldn’t find a weakness to your thread but the assignment required it . . . ’’+ an insubstantial critique, as this is your chance to help your peer write stronger in their future threads. You should put as much time into your reply phase as you do your thread. The strongest scores on that portion are reserved for those replies that incorporate specific evidence rather than making opinion-based statements. Please maintain the proper tone in your critique by addressing the issues instead of attacking the person.

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