judicial and correctional ethics first paper assignment

Judicial and Correctional Ethics – First Paper Assignment

Your first paper will be due on February 28th, in class. It should be 2-3 pages, double-spaced, in 12-pt. font, with standard margins. (Note: everything above the first line of your paper does not count towards the 2-page minimum.) See the document entitled ‘Paper Guidelines and Writing Tips’ to get a sense of how a good paper should be composed.

Write on one of the following topics:

2) Describe an ethical dilemma. This can be one of the ones we discussed in class, or it can be one of your own devising. Explain how each of Mill, Kant, and Noddings would respond to the dilemma. What would be their reasoning? Would they agree or disagree about what to do? Why?

3) Write from the perspective of Mill, Kant, or Noddings. Explain in detail, and preferably with examples, why the other two are wrong.

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