lab mapping surveillance tracking infrastructure

For this lab project, you will create a map with accompanying write-up.

For this map, you may choose any Information Communication Technology (ICT), surveillance or tracking infrastructure to visualize in a map form of your choosing. (Note two attached past student examples.)You may or may not have to go out and do site-specific research; this really depends on how and where you choose and what the topic turns out to be.

As I indicated, some of you might wish to connect this research to your group project initiative or to something else you’re curious to figure out or place into perspective.Your project should be well-researched based on your chosen infrastructure.

Develop an illuminating visualization of this existing or hypothetical infrastructure, to the best of your abilities. You will also create a write-up that explains issues associated with the infrastructure you’re either documenting or proposing. Discuss choices and the reasoning behind them and if there’s any consequences or deficiencies connected to design or access to the visualized infrastructure. In other words, discuss what is learned from your visualization/map. How does this understanding transform the way that we think about your chosen infrastructure?

You will create at least a 150-word explanation of your individual map (but no more than 350 words). You should discuss the choices you made and the reasoning behind these choices. What do we learn from visualizing infrastructure in this way? You may also want to address how your visualization/map “tells white lies”. How is this approach vital for the success of your visualization?

For each map or visualization, you will be graded on the following criteria:

  • Map clearly communicates data
  • Creative approach to visualizing information
  • Effective use of documentation in your map visualization
  • Visualization is in conversation with the topics discussed in class and reading
  • Well-written reasoning of design choices
  • Write-up clearly and thoughtfully addresses problems of mapping
  • Write-up is in conversation with the topics discussed in class and readings
  • Goes beyond parameters of the project to show evidence of effort

DO NOT FORGET: Title your posting in light of theme or title for angle and topic taken. Make it interesting!

MESSAGE: What were your experiences creating this outcome? Discuss challenges, difficulties, thought process. Explain the rationale andtechniques for changes or edits and what research you might have done to decide how to create a new perspective or “reading” of the infrastructure(s) at stake? This should be at least 250-words but no more than 500-words.

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