language and communication

Language and Communication

Using the text for this course, the University Library, the Internet, and/or other resources complete the following two-part assignment.

Part A

Select two terms total from the following lists. One term that is an example of how language changes over time. Select one more term that is an example of how English has spread as an international language.


Blue jeans









Reality TV






You Tube



Streaming video

Web cast

Global warming


Rock ‘n Roll

Space station

Write a 350-word paper in which you discuss why the terms you selected exemplify the evolution of language.

Describe how these terms have changed over time.

Explain why English is used so widely and how the terms you selected spread as an international language.

Format references and citations consistent with APA guidelines.

Submit the results after you run your assignment through the Plagiarism Checker

Part B

Select Scenario A or Scenario B:

Scenario A: Jason is blind and has epilepsy. He has a guide dog named Bo who assists him. Bo usually responds to commands from Jason. At times, Jason gives Bo the command to cross the street, but Bo disobeys if Jason has misjudged the traffic and it is not safe to cross.

Bo can also sense when Jason is about to have an epileptic seizure. The dog becomes agitated and begins to whine; although this is something he has not been trained to do. At times, he has left Jason and alerted others that his human companion needs help.

Scenario B: While caring for her infant daughter at home, Sara talks to another child:

“Ba, bab, ba, babab, ba, bab, baba, ba”

“Yes, Julie, that’s a baby! See the baby? Pretty baby!”

“Ba, ba, bab, bab, bab”

Write a 350-word explanation in which you describe whether the scenario you selected is an example of communication or language.

Provide at least one reference to support your conclusion.

Format references and citations consistent with APA guidelines.

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