leader in action

Directions: Read the Leader in Action Kevin A. Plank, Founder of Under Armour Inc. on p. 59 of the DuBrin coursebook and respond/analyze the following questions:

1. What evidence is presented in this story that Kevin Plan has good cognitive skills?

2. Which personality traits does Plank appear to possess as they align with the information found in Chapters 1 and 2 of the DuBrin course book.

3. From your research on this leader, discuss what Kevin Plank is doing today? Is he still with Under Armour?

Complete the questions with sufficient evidence from DuBrin and your thoughts to thoroughly respond to these 3 questions.

To submit: Label the assignment:

Leader in Action p. 59

Your name

You do not need a title page. However, you must include support from DuBrin to support your responses, indicated by an intext citations. Please number each question and include a minimum of 1 intext citation per question response.

Submit the assignment in a word document format to the assignment portal.

NOTE: I know that we all have leadership experience and could respond to these questions without support, but the purpose of this course is to apply theory to application.

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