led patter generator

Write a program in PLP assembly that repeatedly reads the value of the switches (address: 0xf0100000) and displays a pattern on the LED array based on what switches. Each time the switch value is read, the pattern should be displayed regardless of whether the switch value has changed or not since the last time it was read. The table below indicates the pattern that should be displayed for each possible switch setting:

switch hex binary

0 0x00000001 0b00000001 Turn all 8 LEDs on and then off

1 0x00000002 0b00000010 Turn all even numbered LEDs on and then off

2 0x00000004 0b00000100 Turn all odd numbered LEDs on and then off

3 0x00000008 0b00001000 Cycle through all 8 LEDs in order with only one LED on at a time (a marquee) Other Other Other All LEDs off

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