legal aspects of business i assignment

Situation You work for a company that owns a local chain of retail clothing stores. All of the stores are located in cities and towns in Manitoba. During the winter in Manitoba, there is a lot of snow and ice at the front of the stores on property that is owned by the stores. Your company is concerned that if a person slips and falls in front of one of its stores, the company could be sued for negligence. As part of its risk management process, the company wants to learn more about occupiers’ liability, i.e. the responsibility that occupiers have to people who enter onto their land or property. The company’s management is aware that occupiers’ liability is a somewhat confusing area of law as it varies across the country. Some provinces have occupiers’ liability legislation. Some don’t; rather, they use common law. And if a province does have occupiers’ liability legislation, it is not necessarily the same as the legislation in other provinces. Therefore, management have asked you to do some research about occupiers’ liability in Manitoba and to prepare a report for them. Although you are not a lawyer and do not know how to conduct formal legal research, you are confident that you can obtain the requested information from publically accessible information sources. You have decided to begin your search at the following Manitoba Government website:

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