legal studies 1

Read the case study below and answer all questions.

A private real estate and investment company plans to construct twenty (20) houses and five (5) multistory residential/commercial buildings over the next three (3) years in different areas of North Al Batinah. The firm has experience of similar projects in Croatia and the United Arab Emirates but does not have any experience of similar projects in Oman. They will also be responsible for the asset, facility and property management of these buildings.

Q1. Explain which type of JCT contracts they should use (projects can be considered independently or together).

Q2. Explain how the contracts that have been chosen in Q1. are different from the Omani Conditions of Contract

Q3. How the payments will be made on projects according to the contracts chosen in Q1.

Q4. Explain the exact duties of a construction supervisor during the different phases of a project.

Q5. Explain the complete details of the following documents in this project will contain:

a)Operation & Maintenance Instructions

b)Completion Certificate

* Total Word Count = 2000 words

* At least 2 References for each Question

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