legal system and the oppression of black people versus white people

Naomi Zack, Michelle Alexander, and the editors of the textbook suggest that the criminal justice system in the United States is designed not just to prevent crime, but to oppress people of color, that the police enter minority areas as an occupying army designed to pacify the people by constant harassment, that the way that the laws are enacted and enforced are designed to set up a new Jim Crow. (Jim Crow laws were enacted in the 19th century to restrict the rights of black people after they had gained freedom from slavery. Many people viewed them as a new form of slavery. The name comes from a white comedian who used it as the name for a character that he played in blackface, whom he presented to white audiences as exceedingly stupid and ignorant, for comic effect, to make fun of Black people.) What do you think about what Zack and Alexander say? Do you think that the legal system oppresses Black people and people of color, that law enforcement is different for white people than for people of color? What do you think of football players protesting during the national anthem, of Black Lives Matter? Give the reasons for your beliefs.

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