letters to customer and supervisor

Read the following scenario:
You have taken over a sales account where the previous sales associate did not effectively handle the customer’s needs. You have just received a letter from the dissatisfied customer as described in Appendix C. After reading the letter, draft the following two letters.

Write a letter of 350 words to your supervisor and address the following:

  • Discuss the importance of the customer’s existing or potential sales revenue.
  • Identify the needs of your customer. What are the influences that shape their buying decision?
  • Explain how you will approach your customer to respond to his or her concerns.
  • Share the closing methods you will use with your customer to obtain more business in the future.

Write a second letter of 350 words to your customer that does the following:

  • Develops trust and rapport
  • Addresses the customer’s issues
  • Proposes alternative solutions

Format your assignment according to appropriate course-level APA guidelines.

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