literary analysis essay for the old man and the sea 1

Book if needed:…

*Be sure not to tell the story– reader already know what happens. Instead, the information presented in the paper will be proving the thesis.

Follow the rules from the doc below.

So far the thesis and example I have is here:

-By the second time I read the Old Man and the See, I finally understand it, how it gives were not only the idea that Hemingway wants to express, but also the time and experiences can change a person’s understanding.

-In the book, The old man had dreamed about “places now and of the lions on the beach.” Lions are the symbol of the strong and youth and the reason why the old man dreamed lions is those elements are losing from the old man. But without life experiences, I won’t understand the reason why the old man had this dream.

It’s totally fine to change the thesis if you think yours is better and easier to get a better grade, just please let me know your change at once.

Also, the paper should be smooth for reader to following.

PS: please update the work when you are half way done, just to make sure every thing are on the right track. And if you have any question or having problem in thinking about the idea or new point, please let me know right-away.

With good work, I will give 15% tips on it.

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