literary analysis write a paper based on the complete persepolis

Write a paper based on The Complete Persepolis. You must have a clear argument pertaining to a theme/idea/issue raised in our discussion of the book. This is not just a summary of the text, rather it’s an analysis of something that interested you about the text that you wish to take further. Treat the text and your research in a meaningful way. Possible topics could include the veil, coming of age, identity, POV, Iran, rebellion/revolution, graphic arts, class, ideology, education, socialism/Marxism/communism, Islam, public vs private, torture, war, collective trauma, anger, violence, fear, and freedom.

You must use at least THREE outside sources. Appropriate sources include peer-reviewed journals, newspaper articles and any academic/research-based websites, books, documentaries, etc.. In certain circumstances, blogs are ok too. Use good judgment. No Wikipedia or other encyclopedic sources.

With this paper, you need to make sure you can teach me something I don’t already know and learn something, yourself!

MLA format

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