literature review step ii

Submit a 4- to 5-page” data-hasqtip=”33″>literature review based on the four articles you collected. Be sure your literature review reflects the questions posed in the opening paragraphs of this Assignment.

Completing a and the Writing Center’s article, Literature Review, at

” data-hasqtip=”30″>literature review requires higher order and critical thinking skills. In a literature review, you extract themes and key information, and synthesize them to illustrate your point. In Discussion 2, you selected four articles about a topic, you then organized the information about the four articles by identifying and summarizing them. In essence, you completed the first step of a mini literature review. In this Assignment, you complete the next step of a mini literature review by critically analyzing the information you have gathered.

In this Assignment, you want to answer questions such as: What themes can I identify? How does this information relate to the issue I am exploring? What information is most important, and why? What…
Some attachments are very important to do this assignment because are the case study and some of my thoughts regarding topics.
*************PLEASE BE PROFESSIONAL, NO PLAGIARISM , PUT CITATIONS AND REFERENCES. the 4 articles chosen must be related with case study title: Issues in K-12 Education Case Study -document1 and Document 2, se attachments*********  

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