m5 conflict emergency past due assignment

A) Of the stories we’ve read for this module, which was most satisfying for you in terms of central conflict(s) and resolution of these conflicts? Which was least satisfying? Explain, being sure to use specific details and quotes from each story–you will likely want to discuss the effect conflict has on the plot and character development of each story in order to fully answer this question. (You should use any relevant terms we have mentioned thus far in the course–this should be understood as “standard practice” from here on out.)

B) Review the excerpt from Tobias Wolff’s conversation with Vendela Vida. How would you categorize each of this module’s stories according to the definition Vida reads from Aristotle? Are they tragedies? Misadventures? Something else? Perhaps you don’t agree at all with Aristotle’s postulation–this is acceptable, but tell us why and propose an alternate. (You must address each of the four stories specifically and in depth here.)

C) To what extent do you agree with Wolff’s response to Vida? Demonstrate your point using the stories for this module.

D) Peer question


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