marketing seminar week 3 discussion question quot firing unprofitable customers quot

Discussion Question (week 3):

Please read the attached pdf files: “Ch4 Understand Business-to- Consumer Markets” and “Ch5 Understand Business-to-Business Markets”, which are Chapter4 & Chapter5 from the text book and they are 62 pages long in total.

After you read the attached files, please use the knowledge and try to answer the Discussion Question pasted blow.


Some banks, credit card companies, and financial institutions report losing money on over 45 percent of their customers. Some people suggested that one of the solution to this problem is for these banks and credit card companies to tell their customers “You are Fired”!

Do you agree with firing customers? Describe the solutions you would recommend for unprofitable customers and why.

*Your answer should be no less than a one-page single-spaced document.

**Please make sure the originality and quality of your work.

***There will be a subsequent assignment one or two days later related to responding to three other students’ answers. For the subsequent assignment, I will check your availability first and invite you to do it if you are available.

****I will also attach the question description for convenience.

Thank you!

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