marriage scenario 1 infidelity


Apply biblical teachings to marital issues.

Choose the scenario below for this case study. Write a 1,250word paper in which you consider and discuss:

  1. The issues at hand.
  2. Biblical teachings on the issues.
  3. Counseling topics/directives (assume each person is a believer).
  4. Practical homework assignments for the couples.

Scenario 1: Infidelity

Bob and Jane have been married 15 years. A few years into their marriage, after children arrived and their focus shifted to life’s many responsibilities, Bob and Jane noticed their intimacy diminish. Bob pursued Jane regularly, but after some time, his efforts seemed fruitless. As this happened, Bob began noticing other women, especially those who dressed provocatively or were flirtatious towards him. Recently, Bob was unfaithful, having an affair with a coworker. Initially, Bob denied he had done anything wrong, citing Jane’s failure to respond to his pursuit of her. However, he has since realized the gravity of his actions, and although he is not entirely repentant, the couple has come to counseling for guidance.

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