methods for handling recalls

Due to your current education in this class and program, you have been hired as a consultant for an enormous sum of money to assist the government oversight body reviewing how organizations handle recalls.

Using the readings up to this point in the class (and any other supplemental materials):

What grade “A” to “F” would you give to organizations handling recalls and why? To be fair to the industry, let’s grade specific industries:

1. Food and beverage (from grocery stores, like Kroger and Martins, and giant retail stores, like Walmart and Target, etc.)

2. Manufacturers of electronic products

3. Automotive industry (includes cars, trucks and parts for such vehicles)

4. Pharmaceutical industry

Place you answer in the following box with explanation:

Grade (A, B, C, D, F) Organization


Food and Beverage Industry

Electronics Manufacturers

Automotive industry

Pharmaceutical industry

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