mock interview reflection

Write a two-page reflection on your mock interview experience. Your reflection should cover the following questions.

  • Describe how you prepared for the interview.
  • Do you think the interview went well? (yes) Explain your answer.
  • What sorts of questions were asked?(what’s your weakness and your strength ) How did you respond?
  • Were there questions that you had trouble answering?
    • If so, why were these questions difficult to answer?
  • Based on this experience, how will you prepare for future interviews?

Formatting for this reflection is as follows:

  • Double-spaced
  • One-inch margins
  • 12-point, Times New Roman font

Submit to the link on BlackBoard by the due date.


In the thank you letter, include valuable aspects of the interview experience, your gratitude to the interviewer, and what you will do to improve your interviewing skills in the future. You can write the letter to respond to the actual situation of having completed a class assignment (there is no need to invent an actual job or employment scenario, just discuss what actually occurred and what you learned). You will want to ask your interviewer for their business card at the end of the session so you can address your thank you note to them

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