In my personal opinion I believe the most significant development of the medieval culture was the universities. Universities were first organized as to protect the interests of whom ever had organized the trade association. Through the years universities have conveyed the teachings and beliefs of the previous teachings that they were taught. Without a form of higher education I would not be attending this class today, without a university history may not have advanced so rapidly, without a concentrated education system history is greatly affected because of all the advances study research and the carrying on of all the knowledge that was gain from previous history.

 In reference this educational learning to the decline of the Romanian Empire which is commonly known as the dark ages I would say that the term “dark ages” are misleading. Personally I believe that dark ages are prehistoric with no advancement in education, religion architect and any other common term used to describe modern cultures. Sure there were times of little gains but to reference it as the dark ages is unfair.

either agree or disagree 2-3 sentences

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